Lakewood Moms Club

"Where Neighbors Become Friends."


To connect moms with moms, kids with kids, and families with families, in the Lakewood Community.


Lakewood has about 2400 homes, with dozens of great amenities to enjoy, including pools, parks, softball and baseball fields, a restaurant, and more. More and more young families are moving into the neighborhood, and its great to be able to meet up with new families in this community we share. Any mom knows there's a need for a lot of support during the early years, whether you work, stay at home, work part time, work from home, or otherwise. Moms need help and camaraderie - and not only for themselves, but for their kids. 

We provide a variety of activities for Moms, Kids and Families that help to keep us connected and active in our community.

Whether you've lived here all your life, or have just moved, being able to reach out into a new group of "mom" friends can make all the difference in helping to energize and support your family while you transition through all the fun stages of early childhood and beyond!  


Established in January 2012 by founder Amber McCreery, the LMC has quickly grown to over 125 families.  After she built the organization to up to 60 families, the organization began to take shape with added structure and a board of officers. The addition of officers has helped to spread out the amount of volunteer hours that are required to keep families provided with opportunities to connect!

The Board of Officers meets monthly, and work to handle long term planning and events for the group that serve the Mission. 

When I moved here in 2011 from Dallas, we did not know a soul in the state, much less the neighborhood.  With no family or friends and three young kids, I really needed to connect with some moms just as much as my kids needed playmates.  We would constantly go to the parks and pools around Lakewood looking for families to connect with, but with so many residents, we never seemed to see the same folks twice.  

I approached the LPOA about starting a Moms Group to help moms with school age kids to connect and network within Lakewood, and in January 2012, we had our first “introduction” in the Ripples [Lakewood newspaper].  By March we were ready for our first Moms Night Out, and 18 brave moms joined us at The Argyle [Lakewood restaurant] for a meal and fellowship!  From then our group has grown from a handful of Moms to over 175 members.  

To me, being a Mom, while rewarding, can also be very challenging and isolating, and it is important that we share the journey with other Moms because we truly are all in this together.  It is my hope that the Lakewood Moms Club will continue to grow and to help Moms in our neighborhood to connect and to be a part of something fantastic!